Sir Graham the Knight & Princess Rose, began designing & constructing their Magical & Colourful Kingdom of PENOLARAYA, 14 years ago. It now covers two house blocks. In December 2014, the Kingdom celebrated its 5th birthday.
During the five years, HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE FROM AROUND AUSTRALIA & OVERSEAS have visited & those who are into model making of ANY TYPE, NONE have seen a combination of FANTASY THEMES like these before; ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!!  As a result, Sir Graham & Princess Rose have decided on a name change to:

Penola Fantasy Theme Park
Rose's Tearoom

The Magical & Colourful Kingdom of Penolaraya has 3 major Themed Kingdoms;

The Tearoom was once the Old Penola Kindergarten. The smells of Rose’s FAMOUS SCONES get visitors taste buds going, along with the aroma of MAHALIA espresso coffee. Fresh biscuits & other drinks are also available. Light lunches can only be done, by pre booking in advance.
The room is large enough to cater for up to 60 people.

This is a very large enclosed space, adjoining the Tearoom.
In this space is a large pond with ‘G’ scale trains going around it. Along the outer walls of the building are 4 main themes..... MERLIN’S CASTLE & SCHOOL of WIZARDRY & HOTEL DRACULA {These 2 Castles are both 4 meters high, with Hotel Dracula being 6 meters long}. Along from Hotel Dracula is a water fall complete with its own coloured light display. Moving on, visitors then arrive @ ROCKLAND {musical figurines} & then onto the SUPER HEROES NIGHT CLUB.

WILLY WONKA’S WONDERLAND allows visitors to drive trains through a large ‘fantasy’ landscape.

Your hosts:
Sir Graham the Knight
& Princess Rose
Why not try one of Rose’s delicious Devonshire Teas served with fresh homemade scones?
Count Dracula welcomes you to his cocktail party!
Merlin's Castle & School of Wizardry has trains go through it.
Merlin on his balcony
Willy Wonka's Wonderland where visitors can drive trains
All visitors who are young & young @ heart, love driving the locomotives.
The ICE makes its way past a group of "train spotting" gnomes
Looking down on a section of the Enchanted Water Garden Kingdom.

To the right, you can see an 1850 cottage built by Alexander Cameron, the founding father of Penola.
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Outside is the ENCHANTED WATER GARDEN KINGDOM, where people see numerous waterfalls flowing down creeks, which eventually make their way into a large pond. On the pond can be seen several ‘floating’ islands, each depicting a different theme.
Other large Castles are on ‘land’ along with numerous other themed structures. A huge amount of detail keeps visitors entertained for ages.
Meanwhile, trains meander through this Enchanted Water Garden Kingdom landscape.