Your hosts:
Graham the Train Master
& Princess Rose
Why not try a delicious Devonshire Tea served with fresh homemade scones?
DINO LAND where visitors of all ages are able to drive trains.
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PRINCESS ROSE next to  Merlin's 4 metre high CASTLE & SCHOOL OF WIZARDY
The cottage , built in 1850, acts as a backdrop to the Enchanted Water Garden
Some 16 years ago, Graham the Train Master & Princess Rose, began creating the Magical & Colourful  Kingdom of Penolaraya & in Dec. 2016, celebrated its 7th year of being open.
The Kingdom covers TWO house blocks & has been DELIBERATELY designed for all age groups to enjoy.
PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT JUST FOR KIDS, we emphasise that ALL AGES are catered for, including ‘BABY BOOMER’ visuals combined with a HIGH level of detail.
During the 7 years, thousands of visitors from all round AUSTRALIA & OVERSEAS, have visited the Kingdom & anyone who owns a model railway, or has seen one;
Kingdom 2:  MERLIN’S WORLD   (Merlin the Wizard over sees The Kingdom of Penolaraya}

This is a HUGE indoor space, incorporating a LARGE crystal clear pond & 2 waterfalls.
Large scale trains cruise around the pond’s edges & through MERLIN’S CASTLE & SCHOOL OF WIZARDRY.
This Castle stands some 4metres high.
Besides other highly detailed displays, visitors are able to DRIVE TRAINS on DINO- LAND: this is HANDS ON INTERACTIVE FUN FOR EVERYONE.
For children, there is the opportunity to do a Detective sheet, where everyone wins a prize.

Kingdom 3: THE ENCHANTED WATER GARDEN with its 1850’s cottage as a back drop

Walking outside from MERLIN’s WORLD, the visitor is greeted by a totally new visual experience;
The 1850’s cottage was built by Alexander Cameron; Penola’s founding father.
There are waterfalls & a VERY LARGE pond , on it is a floating Castle & other structures on it, ie;  SKULL ISLAND GOLF CLUB
Around this pond, & through HIGHLY detailed landscapes, travel large scale trains on 3 different tracks.
EVERYTHING is painted in BRIGHT colours & if the sun is shining, ALOT of ‘glitter’ sparkles.
This Water Garden & Merlin’s World inside are LIVING ‘Surrealist’ art & YOU become a part of it.
A large Rotunda & carport, offers protection from the sun & rain.

Kingdom 1: THE TEAROOM

The Tearoom was once the old Penola Kindergarten.
The aroma of FRESHLY baked scones fills the air { Devonshire Tea}, along with espresso coffees, milk shakes & other drinks.
The space is able to cater for 40 seated people; ideal for functions & birthday parties. 
A group of seniors driving the trains
Train spotting gnomes watch the 'ICE' go past